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Join the Takeout Revolution

Enhance your company’s green mission by giving your employees the gift of trash-free take out! It really is what all the cool kids are talking about.

Make a statement! Reduce your company’s waste by providing your employees with GreenToGo memberships

How it works:

  • You and all of your employees each receive a 1-box, 1-year GreenToGo membership! This gives each of you reusable takeout container privileges at participating Durham restaurants whenever you go out to eat!
  • Your workplace can receive a return station (if your business is located within our service area) for the convenience of your employees, as well as weekly pick-up service. 
  • You can feel great knowing GreenToGo service is an easy, affordable, and convenient way for your company to enhance its green practices and have a greater impact in our community.
  • You get lots of free PR for being a GreenToGo Business Member, including but not limited to:
    • Your Logo + Link on the GreenToGo website
    • Acknowledged as a business member in the GreenToGo app map (by early 2018)
    • Mentions & tags on our social media announcements about GreenToGo
    • Decal for your physical location to acknowledge your commitment to the environment via GTG business membership
    • Electronic decal for use on social media or your website as you see fit

Annual cost:

$20 per person for 1-25 employees
$17 per person for 26-100 employees
$14 per person 100+ employees

Do you have more employees or want to talk about a customized package? Let’s talk! We can create a package just for you.

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