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Join the Takeout Revolution

Enhance your company’s green mission by giving your employees the gift of trash-free take out! It really is what all the cool kids are talking about.

GreenToGo Business Membership Perks!

  1. You and all of your employees each receive a 1-box, 1-year GreenToGo membership! This gives each of you reusable takeout container privileges at participating Durham restaurants whenever you go out to eat!
  2. Your workplace can choose to add a return station (if you’re located within our service area) for the convenience of your employees, as well as weekly pick-up service. 
  3. You can feel great knowing GreenToGo service is an easy, affordable, and convenient way for your company to enhance its green practices and have a greater impact in our community.
  4. You get lots of free PR for being a GreenToGo Business Member, including but not limited to:
    1. Your Logo + Link on the GreenToGo website
    2. Acknowledged as a business member in the GreenToGo app map (by early 2018)
    3. Mentions & tags on our social media announcements about GreenToGo
    4. Decal for your physical location to acknowledge your commitment to the environment via GTG business membership
    5. Electronic decal for use on social media or your website as you see fit

Annual fees:

1-10 employees – $250 per year
11-25 employees – $500 per year
26-50 employees – $750 per year
51-75 employees  – $1000 per year
76-100 employees – $1250 per year
101-125 employees – $1500 per year

Got more employees or want to talk about a customized package? Let’s talk! We can create a package just for you.

$150 one-time charge for a return station at your workplace

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Warm & Fuzzies for Our Business Members!