Corporate Memberships

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Empower your employees to get their lunch without the waste!

Make a statement!

Does your business want to affirm its commitment to sustainability values while offering a great benefit to your employees?

How a Corporate Membership works:

1. Everyone gets GreenToGo.

Your employees receive an annual GreenToGo membership! Get your takeout food in durable, reusable containers at all of our participating Durham restaurants, whenever they go out to eat!

2. Easy drop-off.

If your company is located within our service area, you can receive a return station for the convenience of your employees. GreenToGo staff service and maintain the return station regularly. More return stations all over town. 

3. Feel great.

You can feel great knowing you’ve provided your company with an easy, affordable, and convenient way to enhance its green practices and have a greater impact in our community.

4. Get lots of PR

  • Your Logo + Link on the GreenToGo website
  • Mentions & tags on our social media and newsletters
  • Decal for your physical location to acknowledge your commitment to the environment
  • Digital GreenToGo Group Member logo for use on your own communications/marketing

Need corporate catered lunches without the trash? We got you! Contact us at

Annual cost for Corporate Membership:

1-50 employees – $35 / employee

51-150 employees – $30 / employee

151-250 employees$25 / employee

251-400 employees$20 / employee

401+ employees$15 / employee

We can also create a Corporate Membership package just for you.

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Warmth & Fuzzies for our Corporate Members!