Using GreenToGo is Easy!

NOTE: If you haven’t joined &/or activated your account yet, you’ll need to start there first.

Step 1

Download GreenToGo App:  IOS | ANDROID

You can find restaurants, check-out / return containers and manage your account all with the app.

Step 2

Order your food, GreenToGo!

Go to one of the participating restaurants. You’ll need to login to your GreenToGo account and when you order your food, say “GreenToGo, Please!”

Step 3

Scan the QR code

Using the GreenToGo app, scan the restaurant’s QR code and select how many boxes you are checking out.

Step 4

Enjoy your food.

When the box is empty, it’s ready to return! No need to wash it, but if you can rinse it, we’ll appreciate that.

Step 5

Return to any GreenToGo Return Station

You can return your GreenToGo to any return station located around the city (including all participating restaurants.) Scan the QR code on the return station to credit your account.

Step 6

Repeat again and again!

Now you’re ready to do it again. Thanks for keeping single-use boxes out of the landfill!